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Introducing The Aptera Solar Car-The Coolest Car In The World

This car is changing the game! Have you reserved yours yet?

The Aptera solar car looks like it flew in from another planet

The Aptera solar car-the coolest EV/solar car in the world

When I was first introduced to this little car, I had to sit back and take it all in. The body style was so different and unique that it didn’t make sense at first. It’s a year later and I am ready to buy one! I think it truly is the coolest EV/solar car in the world. The Aptera is the most forward thinking vehicle on the market and it is definitely making some waves in the electric vehicle/ solar car industry. Utilizing the sun and covering the car in solar panels is brilliant. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that as you are parked in the sun, you are getting all the energy you need to go 40 miles without charging! Just hop in and enjoy the ride.

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Start saving with solar!
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Escape the gas pump and the charging station with the Aptera solar car.

The Aptera’s “Never Charge Technology” leads the pack

How many miles do you drive in a day? If you say under 40, then listen to this. The Aptera can give you up to about 40 miles per day of free driving powered by the sun. They have built the most efficient vehicle, equipping it with 700 Watts of solar power! How many other vehicles can say that?

Go where you want with the Aptera solar car and take all your gear along

The trunk on the Aptera is a whopping 25 cubic feet. With enough room to take your pup to the beach or to fit all of your luggage in there for that next vacation, there’s a whole lot of space in the trunk of the Aptera. Take note, it’s bigger than the Prius!

The Aptera solar car is so roomy and functional. The trunk holds a whole lot of stuff. Take all your gear to the beach!

This solar car is changing the game in aerodynamics

The style and functionality of the Aptera is nothing short of brilliant. This car boasts the lowest wind drag of all other cars on the planet, you can bet this zippy little number has amazing speed and aerodynamics. Check out this cool video below showing how Aptera optimizes the aerodynamics of this amazing car.

The positioning of the three wheels keep the Aptera as stable as a car can be. When compared to other three wheeled vehicles, this one takes the cake! As it uses no fuel, it already comes in first, in my books. The sleek design and solar paneled roof is futuristic and modern and leans towards a Jetson’s kind of feel.

Check out the latest Instagram shot! It is all in the details. So sleek and pretty

The Gamma is just stunning

Coming to a street near you! The Aptera solar car

We love this car!!! Looking at this futuristic vehicle makes us swoon. What a neat looking unit. It takes a minute to get used to the fact that this thing is actually coming to fruition. Before long, you’ll see the Aptera solar car on your city streets. Get ready!

Have you ever seen something so cool? The Aptera blows all other solar cars out of the water!

The Latest News from Aptera on Vehicle Chargers and Plugs

Congress: Tesla Superchargers and Plugs should be the U.S. Standard for EVs

While electric vehicle technology has rapidly advanced, the charging standard in the U.S. has not. CCS and SAE J1772, the US’s common standards, are clunky, cumbersome, and expensive.

A recent study showed Tesla Superchargers provide the best EV charging experience. The connector is easier to use, the port is small, convenient, and universal for AC or DC Fast Charging.  

Imagine if every electric vehicle could utilize Tesla’s lightweight, incredibly efficient, elegant connector? 

Consistency in charging plugs across the board is absolutely necessary!

As the founders of Aptera, EV enthusiasts, and vehicle charging experts, we believe the U.S. government should adopt Tesla’s Supercharger Technology as the standard for ALL EV charging in the U.S. 

A Texas program recently disclosed that installing a Supercharger station costs just one-fifth of other networks.  Given the significant amount of funding our government will put into charging infrastructure, we believe that fast charging stations across the U.S. should be based on Tesla’s standards. 

If our country began to support Tesla’s charging standards now, we could begin expanding our infrastructure at a much reduced cost, saving $4 billion dollars on projected charging infrastructure spending through 2027. Imagine what other EV programs we could support with that $4 billion in savings! 

The new interior of the Aptera is all about functionality

The Coast interior

The Gamma‘s interior is designed for driving. It has ample leg and head room with some serious attention to detail. Look at the stitching on those seats. The steering wheel is ergonomic and comfortable. Take a look at how pretty this thing is.

Streamlined and futuristic

I can’t help but get excited when I see the newest videos on the Aptera website. It is changing the way cars may look in the future. Sure, there are some similar designs out there that have incredible style and speed but do they have solar panels on the roof? Probably not.

Let the sun do all the work

The Aptera and its potential

The coolest thing about this vehicle is its potential. We all have a direct line to the most magnificent ball of energy in the sky and the team at Aptera is taking full advantage of this. I can just imagine the different types of cars that will be available shortly. The accessories list will definitely grow as the Aptera solar car develops more interest from all different age groups and types of people. Understanding their drivers’ wants and needs is very important to the Aptera designers.

Go anywhere in the Aptera with the Tent package

The Aptera solar car is light and safe

Lighter cars require less energy to move. Aptera weighs 65% less than other electric vehicles today. The body is built with ultra-lightweight composites and its arched shape mimics the physics of an eggshell — that protects you and your loved ones with a safety cell that is much stronger than steel.

The Aptera – Stand out in the crowd

If you love the styling and functionality of the newest Aptera, I suggest heading over to their super cool site to see many more details and the latest news about what is coming next. Maybe even reserve your own car. At the very reasonable starting price of $25,900, you can definitely see one in your driveway without breaking the bank.

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The Aptera solar car won’t break the bank.
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(The price is still more affordable than the cheapest EV car on the market). The Chevrolet Bolt EV, EUV After a $5,900 price cut ahead of its summer production start date, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolts EV and EUV are now $26,595. The HUGE exception is that this one isn’t solar. Sorry, Chevy but the Aptera solar car has you beat here!

No competition! The Aptera solar car knocks them out!
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Utilize the sun and save tons of money

My conclusion

The Aptera solar car is creating all sorts of buzz in the green movement and rightfully so. Moreover, the streamlined looks, the low wind drag, the roof solar panel, the comfortable interior, the functionality, and the coolest features out there lend it to being one of the most dynamic cars on the planet. It will be rolling out on streets near you very soon.

another captivating interior

You can bet, that I will be abreast of all of the developments over at Aptera. The team looks like they always have something new and exciting on the horizon. In addition to Apteras’ fantastic website, there are a few really informative YouTube videos that focus on this wild car. Stay in the know at Aptera motors and sign up for their newsletter today. You may even want to reserve a vehicle of your very own. Take care friends and thanks for hanging out with me. I will have more on Aptera in my upcoming blogs. Shannon

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