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Craving Freedom? Tired Of The Rat Race? Make Changes Now And Live A Life Of RV Freedom

Are you craving some kind of freedom? Do you ever think of moving into an RV full time?

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Do you want to break free? Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Are you feeling tied down with a mortgage? Is your job getting stagnant? You can make some big changes today to help move you into a life of RV freedom. We are here to show you how to do it. Want to live with no fixed address? There are ways to do that. We made this huge change and we couldn’t be happier. You can do it too!

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Ask yourself these 7 questions to see if RV freedom is for you

  1. Is my family on the same page as me?
  2. Can I work from my RV to pay my bills?
  3. Do we have any special medical requirements while living on the road?
  4. What type of RV will I live in?
  5. What will we take with us?
  6. Are we ready to downsize?
  7. Am I ready for what could be the adventure of a lifetime?

Take the leap!

Anybody can do what we do with the right planning and guidance. Dave and I have learned on our own just how important some things are when you decide to move off grid or into your fifth wheel full time. This blog is just a little excerpt of our life right now and how much fun we are having. It took at least 2 years to really feel confident about what we are doing. Evidently, we won’t be looking back. If you are ready to take the jump, we are here to answer any questions.

woman standing on cliff
Freedom is life changing.
Photo by Nina Uhlikova on Pexels.com

Living RV freedom is life changing

Since 2020, we have been living in our 33 foot fifth wheel full-time. We’ve made it through all 4 seasons twice and we’re still going strong! We are living such an unbelievable life with total RV freedom and no fixed address. Join Sadie, Dave and I as we travel BC living in some of the coolest places in the province. We go off-grid, on grid or both, enjoying every new place we get to spend time in.

green grasses
Everywhere we land is home. Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

We stare at unbelievable mountain views, see 100’s of wild animals and plant species, walk through enormous old growth forests and feel the peace and stillness that makes these places the most fantastic backdrop. This province is brimming with incredible sights and sounds. We feel truly blessed and are living our best lives with this RV freedom.

We are always ready to go off-grid

Going off-grid means being self sufficient and not relying on others for your power or water. So far, with our existing systems, we haven’t had any problems. We can be off grid for almost 2 weeks. Our generator is a fantastic addition having twice the power of the old one. Our fifth wheel holds ample water for our needs. Currently, on the roof are 2 solar panels attached to a battery bank of 4 AGM 225 amp deep cycle golf cart batteries. We decided last week that we want more batteries, more solar panels and a stronger charger for the solar system in the trailer.

black and silver solar panels
Solar power adds to our RV freedom Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Frank at www.camosolar.com was incredibly helpful. He sent a charger in the mail so we can replace the old one. Thanks Frank! With our solar system, a water source, a small wood heater, propane appliances and a good generator we will be ready for any type of weather while being off-grid. We will be upgrading many things in our RV this year and will keep you posted when we start a new job and what it entails. Dave and I thoroughly enjoy renovating and adding new, updated items to the RV. The key to comfortable living is to just be prepared. Having total RV freedom needs some careful planning but if we can do it, anybody can do it.

A couple of crazy kids living our best lives…over 50!

Feeling that RV freedom. What a beautiful morning.

It’s a cool, dark autumn morning. I think it’s 3:30 am. Sadie is starting to stir after a long, deep sleep. I just finished another chapter of British Columbia by Woodcock. This book is so good that I can barely put it down but I decide that the coffee in my mug is more important and it’s currently empty. Anticipating my hot coffee, I hop out of bed, down the 2 steps, and into the kitchen to refill my cup. The one most noticeable thing about being off-grid in this location is the darkness and calm. It can be eerily silent sometimes. The percolator breaks the silence.

photo of coffee mug on top of book
Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

Sadie loves full-time RV freedom!

Sadie woke up and looked around. Deciding the living room chair would be a great place to curl up after a long night’s sleep, she hops off the bed, down the stairs and up onto Dave’s leather chair and buries her face in the blanket. This dog is so tired. Could it be the fresh mountain air? Or maybe getting “her” quad back after all these months?

Deep sleeper these days (We have the quad now and she runs with it 5 km a day!)

Life is pretty fun on the mountain

Over the past few days, I’ve been noticing that our pup is extremely happy and excited. Last weekend we took her to the storage unit to grab our Honda Rincon ATV. As soon as Dave started the machine, it was like seeing 2 best friends get together after a long separation. Sadie’s eyes lit right up. Finally, after a grueling 6 months without the quad, she got to run like a racehorse alongside Dave, with her tongue hanging out. It’s so nice to see. She and Dave have waited so long to rip up the mountain.

two people riding atv on desert
ATV fun! Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

The view here is spectacular!

I stood staring out my window into the darkness. In the light, the views from all directions are spectacular. You get a full view of the night sky without any light pollution. It really is stunning. At this location, on our journey of RV freedom, the sun rises to the left of the fifth wheel. From our kitchen, we see a panoramic view of mountains, the huge Fraser River and the sky. The sights and sounds are incredible. The only noises throughout the day echo from below us.

Even though we are 4Km up a mountain, we can still hear the nostalgic sounds of the train.
Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

Close to civilization or completely secluded. You can have both with RV freedom

The CN Rail line and highway traffic break the silence every once in a while to remind us we are not that far from civilization. It is hard to imagine that although we are 4 kilometers up a mountain logging road, in about 20 minutes we can be in our little town grabbing a burger at the Dairy Queen. It is unbelievable how secluded our spot really is. We lucked out this time.

btl burger with fries
The little luxuries. Photo by Foodie Factor on Pexels.com

Moving onto the logging block. Holy cow, it’s steep up here.

Our journey across this beautiful province has been so incredible. We truly are living our best lives and experiencing such beauty and nature at every stop. This particular move to live in the logging block was not MY first choice. I am deathly afraid of heights and Dave knows this. I know that he cares so much about me because he chose the highest mountain road for us to live on. Ha. Ha. It has been one of the best experiences of my life so I am grateful.

Sadie and I getting ready to ride.

Overcoming fears

Dave is the reason that I love this new way of living. His dreams of RV freedom and living off grid have turned into my dreams now. He constantly challenges me to overcome my fears. It has worked every time. I have done everything from riding my Harley Davidson on dirt roads to driving a huge truck up 14 percent inclines in the snow. These 1000 ft. drops are nothing. Dave has helped me overcome so many things. I appreciate him.

snow top mountain under clear sky
We’ll take mountains over skyscrapers any day! RV freedom is the answer.
Photo by Stephan Seeber on Pexels.com

Upgrades are necessary when you live in your RV

Dave and I have been off grid now for 5 weeks, switching between solar and generator power each day. Still trying to find a balance. It can be tough somedays. Our generator is dying, it’s probably from the 1990’s so an upgrade this week is vital. We’re thinking 12000 watts will be enough. The Starlink dish uses the most power and drains our solar in about a 2 hours! It’s still worth it to have the Starlink. It’s portability is fantastic! It sets up easily everywhere we go.

man burning wood in stove in room
Installing the wood stove is going to be a game changer in the winter. So toasty.
Photo by Melike Benli on Pexels.com

The “to-do” list is part of the fun

We have a few things on the “to-do” list for the next month. Installing our wood stove, adding lithium batteries to the battery bank and purchasing 2 or 3 more solar panels are on the top of the list. We decided we will go back on grid for the winter while we install all the new stuff. It would be a bit much to try and install everything and not have some assistance. These little luxuries are not taken for granted. You always have to be 10 steps ahead when living full time in your RV.

Wherever you park, you are home. RV freedom gives you new views every time.

illuminated caravans parked at campsite at night
Make every place feel like home. Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

No Fixed Address

Occasionally, people ask if we’re homeless for a reason. No fixed address can be a little tricky and even confusing for some. I love telling them that this was a conscious choice. Many people love camping for a few weekends a year but when given the option of living in a cramped space day in and day out, on the top of a mountain down a dirt road, most people say “no, thanks”. We thought about the idea of full-time RV living for over a year.

black mailbox
Might be good if Amazon doesn’t deliver for a bit.
Photo by Daria Usanova on Pexels.com

In 2019, we made a decision to start the downsizing process as well as purchase our new home with no fixed address. Speaking of addresses, it can be difficult to recieve mail if you happen to move while the mail is in transit. We have our mail delivered to the closest town right now. It really keeps us shopping close to home. No more senseless amazon purchases.

photo of planner and writing materials
Good planning is the key.
Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

Planning is Key

Choosing to live this way led us to making some big decisions. We needed to consider things like doctors, insurance, access to the internet and getting all of our amenities like gas, water and propane. If any of these things aren’t available close by, we have to plan our trips into the nearest town. We have proven that with good planning, we can stay off-grid for a week to 10 days before needing anything.

silhouette photo of woman against during golden hour
Freedom. Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Feeling Free is Life Changing

Everything that we have set out to do in the past 4 years has come to fruition with lots of hard work and planning. We have been enjoying all of the experiences of living freely and downsizing every time we change course. Everyday is a new day to decrease our junk and improve or streamline our life.

concentrated woman carrying stack of cardboard boxes for relocation
Downsizing is healthy. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Take down and set up

Don’t get me wrong though. There have been ups and downs. Moving this big rig around from place to place without losing or breaking stuff is a huge and nerve wracking process. I take care of the inside. Dave does the outside and without any interruptions or glitches, we can be back on the road within 3 hours! Not bad. When we started, it took us 2 days before we could start moving. I was so worried about everything flying around in the unit. Dave and I have a great system now and are pretty consistent and fast!

blog icon information internet
Having RV freedom is perfect for blogging on the road.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The raven family tolerates the barking

The sun is coming up now and Sadie is at the window barking at the ravens so it is probably time to get ready for the day. I am so glad we have no neighbors to complain about the barking. Having no fixed address has it’s advantages. I’m not sure the ravens would agree. This dog gives them a big headache. Last week, we sat in awe as a huge raven perched on a big boulder started barking back to Sadie. Every time Sadie barked, the raven “barked”. It was the coolest thing. They were communicating.

bird birds usa raven
We have a family of 30 ravens near our home
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Getting the chores done

Well, the chore list is all written. The first thing on the list is to get the generator going so I can upload this blog. I think I will take some photos of the morning as well. Next on the list is loading the buckets of 40 gallons of water into the tank. This is my arm workout every morning. It really works, too. I was getting flabby but now, I am ripped. I am making bread for lunches and maybe some vanilla cookies. Oh, I just found some beef bones in the freezer so soup sounds like a plan too. Cooking in an RV is just as enjoyable as in a regular house. I have all of the amenities that I need to create some delicious meals.

food wood light love
Ah, a warm fire makes everything cozier.
Photo by Laython Photos on Pexels.com

Cowboy coffee

I cannot wait to have the wood stove in here. It will be so nice to make some cowboy coffee on the stovetop during these upcoming cool autumn mornings. It will take the chill off and create a drier environment (moisture can be a problem in a fifth wheel). Sadie will probably love to curl up in front of the stove on cool nights.

The look of “I need to chase the birds, now”. Sadie loves her RV freedom too!

Chasing the hawks

Evidently, Sadie is at the door now. The 2 hawks are above us and they are squawking. That is Sadie’s cue to start chasing them up and down the mountain as they fly. She can go for hours chasing any bird that comes near. It is quite entertaining actually. It keeps the birds interested, watching this little fluff ball running back and forth. So far, they are more interested in the rabbits and snakes and haven’t tried to eat her for lunch.

selective photography of flying black falcon
There are always hawks above. Beautifully swooping and soaring.
Photo by Nigam Machchhar on Pexels.com

I keep on writing but I think I should be getting my chores done. I’d better sign off for now. Have a wonderful week everyone and don’t forget to subscribe to more blogs like this one. From RV freedom to solar cars, I write about everything. I appreciate that you read through to the end. I think you may be interested in this blog right here.
Enjoy the little things that make you smile. Take care. Shannon

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