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Hello friends and welcome to my new blog

I am so happy you stopped by

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Welcome to my new blog site, HeartFull! I am so glad you’re here. My name is Shannon Braybrook. I am a retired care nurse turned author and now a blogger/YouTuber. I wrote a little motivational book called “Me” Time – Discover How Great You Are. It’s available everywhere books are sold.

My cute little motivational book is available everywhere books are sold.

I created this blog because I love to talk about all sorts of topics and I find so many things in this world very interesting and worthy of sharing.

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Me, getting ready to ride the Harley

Some of my favorite topics are full time RV living, off-grid living, solar, the future of alternative energy, Harley Davidsons, cryptocurrency, gold and silver, history and nostalgia as well as health and wellness subjects.

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My blog has something for everyone

I am certain that my blog will have something for everyone and I hope you find each one informative and worthwhile. My goal is to put out 1 to 2 high quality and engaging blogs per week. By the way, I have a new YouTube channel that I just started and I will update it as much as possible. I am definitely new at being in front of a camera but I will give it my best shot. The channel is a companion to the blog.

New blogs every week! Look forward to so much cool stuff-like the Aptera Solar Car!

A favorite topic is the new Aptera solar car. It is outta this world.

Looking forward

The next few months will be busy as I discover more interesting things to write about. Over on the YouTube channel, I will update my topics and current contests or giveaways every week. This venture has been extremely exciting and rewarding and I am looking forward to creating some quality content for you all. I need to mention that I am also an affiliate marketer. I appreciate the companies that I advertise for and hope you check them out.

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Thank you for checking out my ads. Disclaimer: I get a little monetization and it does not affect your purchases but it helps me out tremendously.
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Well friend, thank you for sticking around to check out my stuff. I am off to write my next blog. Enjoy all the insightful information and the stories. I hope it fills your heart with happiness and maybe some new knowledge. Thanks for stopping by. Shannon

Have a wonderful day

Happiness is key

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